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2008 Calendar of Commercial Space Events

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2008 Retrospective

"NewSpace in 2008: Ups and Downs in Entrepreneurial Spaceflight"

a HobbySpace.com Special Report by Clark Lindsey

  • Dec 15-16: Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit, Mountain View, CA.

  • Dec 15: Human-Tended Suborbital Science Workshop, Westin San Francisco Market Street, San Francisco, CA.

  • Nov 17: AIAA Commercial Space Group NewSpace Tour #1, Mojave, CA.

  • Nov 14-16: SEDS SpaceVision 2008 Conference, Texas A&M, College Station, TX.

  • Nov 09-13: JUSTSAP-PISCES Symposium, Kohala Coast, Island of Hawaii.
  • Oct 29-30: FAA AST COMSTAC Mtgs (Day 1-RLVWG, Day 2-Full), Washington, DC.
  • Oct 28-31: LEAG Meeting, Cape Canareval, FL.
  • Oct 24-25: Lunar Lander Challenge held at the Las Cruces Int'l Airport, NM.
  • Oct 22-23: 2008 Int’l Symposium for Personal & Commercial Spaceflight, Las Cruces, NM.
  • Oct 15: Space Investment Summit 5, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Sept 25-Oct 03: Space Gen and 59th Int’l Astronautical Congresses, Glasgow, Scottland.
  • Sept 9-11: AIAA Space 2008 Conference, San Diego, CA.
  • Aug 17-19: DC-X / DC-XA 15th Year Reunion, held in Alamogordo, NM

2008 (starts here, continues upward)


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