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Topic: Definition of Commercial Space Capabilities

Page history last edited by Ken Davidian 15 years, 10 months ago

Definition of "Commercial Space Capability"


A "Commercial Space Capability" is the production, manufacture, support, or operation in space of any good, service, facility, vehicle, or piece of equipment, or any of the above for the testing of space-related technology.


List of "Commercial Space Goods and Services"


Space Goods

  • Flight Vehicles with a Main Propulsion System
    • Atmospheric
    • Exo-atmospheric
    • Crewed and Uncrewed
  • Orbital Vehicles With No Main Propulsion System
    • Orbital Services
      • Fuel Depot
      • Maintenance
      • Other Logistics (spares, ISRU-provided resources)
    • Information, Communications, Power Relays
    • Crewed and Uncrewed
  • Surface Systems
    • Habitable Structures
    • Surface Vehicles
  • EVA Systems
  • Space Resources
    • Raw
    • Processed


Space Services

  • Flight Transportation
  • Space Resources
    • Production
    • Sale
    • Distribution
  • Experiential
  • Providing Information
    • Position, Navigation, Timing (aka GPS)
    • Communications
      • Surface (non-Earth)
      • Orbiting
      • Ground (Earth) Stations
    • Engineering Data
    • Emergency/Contingency Support (e.g., Search & Rescue)
  • Demand Aggregation
    • Travel Agents
  • Training
  • Imagery
    • Design
    • Performance Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Supporting Infrastructure
    • Launch Operations Support
    • Space Flight Testing

Comments (4)

Mark Nall said

at 1:23 pm on Jun 28, 2008

Under space goods, I would recommend making two sub-bullets under space resources. These would be raw and processed. The rationale being that ilmenite is the raw space resource, and is a good for the production plant. The oxygen produced from the ilmenite is also a good for other customers. Production, sale and distribution are all still services.

Ken Davidian said

at 7:00 pm on Jun 28, 2008


Thanks for the suggestion... I made the change!

Ken Davidian said

at 9:41 am on Jul 3, 2008

I made some additions to the chart based on comments I received from Jim Schier recently.

Michael Laine said

at 5:31 am on Aug 23, 2008

Fixed typos in the opening lines. I am using this "definition" in my report for Google Lunar X PRIZE. I know it is vague (intentionally or not?) but it is the best definition I can find. Thanks. mjl

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