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Technical Barriers Identified

Page history last edited by Bradley Cheetham 12 years, 4 months ago


Top Ten Problems

1. Water on the Moon

2. Oxygen on the Moon

3. A permanent energy resource

4. A Habitat or base for survival

            -Maybe a base that can move

5. Transportation System

-Cargo and Crew Transport

            -Two different ships???

                        -You could do electric propulsion for cargo but not for crew

        A. To the Moon

          1. Lunar Orbit

          2. Lunar Surface

            -Two different ships

        B. From the Moon

6. Transportation on the Moon

7. Environmental Protection

            -Radiation Protection

            -Dust, Meteorites

8. Permanent Food Resources

9. Develop a GPS system for the Moon- Timing and Positioning

10. Communication

11. Lunar Medicine and Medical Care


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