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Suborbital Spaceflight (including Point-to-Point)

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This is a page linking to reports on the Suborbital Spaceflight Market


2012: IPSOS/Astrium, “Demand Analysis of Sub-Orbital Space Tourism”

  • IPSOS/Astrium Study 15 : conducted by IPSOS for Astrium, released in 2007 with updated results in 2011. Study included research with HNWIs before 2007 and then later in 2010 after the financial crisis. It generated a regression model to project demand on various price points over a 16 year period. The projected numbers are significantly higher than other market studies
  • Referenced in this study on page 15:  Spaceport UK: Forging ahead with Commercial Confidence


March 2011: Reusable Suborbital Market Characterization Prepared by The Tauri Group for Space Florida


2008.10.23: Great Expectations: An Assessment of the Potential for Suborbital Transportation

Report by students of the International Space University 2008 Masters of Space Studies Program


2008.10.24: Rocket Racing Inc., Armadillo Aerospace and New Mexico Create Joint Venture to Launch Private Suborbital Space Transportation Business


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