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Space Market Studies

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Commercial Space Markets


1997 Commercial Space Transportation Study


2002 Department of Commerce Office of Space Commercialization Report


2003 ASCENT Study performed by Futron Corporation (D. Webber) funded by NASA MSFC


2007 OECD Space Economy at a Glance


2008 2nd Next Generation Exploration Conference Report "Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Lunar Development"


2008 Jun 02 Space News Article entitled "Development Work Drives Personal Spaceflight Industry Growth"


2008 June Oxford Analytica "Understanding the Space Economy"


2009 Sept 21 Toffler Black & White Paper: "A House Divided Cannot Stand: The Need to Unify the U.S. Space Industry"

  • While issues ranging from funding to inspiration threaten inno-vation within the United States space industry, the world is simultaneously gaining the ability to reach and do business in space – with or without us. This paper describes how unifying the U.S. space industry is the key to surpassing the “Old Space vs. New Space” debate and maintaining America’s status as an innovative leader.


2010 July 16 - International Space University Space Studies Program (SSP) 2010 - Business & Management Department "Space Tourism" Workshop



2010 August 4-6 - FAA Commercial Space Market Workshop Report



2010 May: Measuring the Economic Impact of Space Tourism Activities


2011 April 27 - NASA Commercial Space Transportation Market Assessment Report


March 2011:


2011 May - Maryland The Business of Space Science


2012 July 31 - Suborbital Reusable Vehicles: A 10-Year Forecast of Market Demand - The Tauri Group (under contract to FAA AST and Space Florida)


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