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Meeting Minutes: Business 06-10-08  

Page history last edited by Bradley Cheetham 12 years, 4 months ago


NASA Academy Group Project – Business Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2008




Andrew M.

Tony M.

Michelle S.

Brad C.

Kenji N.




-          Create abstract for business section of group project

-          Continue research on case studies

-          Continue research on business markets with space applications

-          Continue research on NASA’s current business plan





The main objective of this project is to foster commercial development of the space industry in order to sustain human presence on the Moon. A detailed strategic plan to ensure this goal is met will be developed and will be focused on creating commercial opportunities within the space industry. A positive partnership between NASA and private industry will allow for NASA to operate much more cost effectively, enabling NASA to focus on cutting-edge space exploration and research. In order to prove feasibility of the proposed strategic plan, several case studies on past and future space applications will be researched and analyzed.


Future Action


-          Wednesday’s meeting with the overall group will be organized as follows for the business section

o   Introduce business abstract to group

o   Introduce prioritized list of objectives/goals

o   Introduce proposed method of choosing case studies with technical section

o   Introduce idea of having teams of two or three work on each case study

-          Produce more detailed research on selected case studies

-          Produce more detailed research on business markets with space applications

Produce more detailed research on NASA’s

Comments (2)

Ken Davidian said

at 1:14 am on Jun 11, 2008

Hi Andrew, Tony, Michelle, Brad, and Kenji,

I looked over the minutes from your meeting and it looks like you're ready to get to work! Although I won't get a chance to meet you until Monday afternoon, I wanted to provide some input and ideas as early as possible in the process so you can begin digesting them and deciding whether or not you want to pursue them...

Just as some background, I've been meeting with a group of about 15 people each week (out of a list of approx. 30 invitees) to discuss current events in the commercial space world as it pertains to NASA. Tomorrow, Wednesday, 11 June, will be our 50th meeting! (Just thought I'd throw that in!) Anyway, the ESMD Commercial Development Policy (ECDP) and the ECDP Implementation Plan have been the game plan that we've been following, whether regarding the moon or Earth-to-Orbit transportation systems (aka, the famous "COTS" program).

(see next comment for more...)

Ken Davidian said

at 1:14 am on Jun 11, 2008

(continued from previous comment...)

One of the ideas on the business side of things is to try to identify the size and functions of a minimal society that could exist off-world. What parts of the economic system need to be present and in what numbers must the supply and demand of these goods and services be available for the off-world village to have a 50-50 chance of success? If this is an area of interest that one or more of you might like to pursue, I have a NASA mentor who would be able to provide his insights and guidance starting almost immediately, plus (but wait! there's more!) he was already planning to give a paper on this topic at the IAC and so you could provide him valuable analysis and input to the paper...

Another idea was the development of business models for commercial space companies, and in your case, commercial lunar industries.

Ideas for which industries or markets might be viable was the exact topic of the 2nd Next Generation Exploration Conference that was held at Ames Research Center in February of this year. The final report is due out soon, but until it comes out, I can send you the draft that was created at the end of the 4-day conference. Stay tuned for that...

Also, you might be interested in the exercise of helping us identify who the current non-government customers might be for near-term commercial lunar markets of payload delivery and data/communications to/from the moon. These are the nearest term markets we've identified, but the softest part of our story is trying to identify who, other than NASA and other government agencies, would be customers for these goods and services?

Those are just a couple ideas we've been kicking around, but we can talk more about them later...


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