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Meeting Minutes 6-19-2008

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Meeting 6/18/08

Attendance: Florent, Jen F, Lisha, Jenny A, Brandon, Kenji, Alan, Andrew S, Michelle S, Maxime, Andrea, Brad, Tony M, John, Andrew M, Juan, Michelle P, Tony Z


Meeting Outline

1.      a) Structure of paper

b) Algorithm

c) Group selection

            2.   Topics

            3.   Due Dates

            4.   Poster


Structure of paper

            Part 1 - Why commercial space development

                        Lead: Andrea (all contributions welcome)

            Part 2 – Why CSD possible?

                        Two Possible Paths

                                    A – Whole Business Group

                                    B – Tech x1, Business x1

            Part 3 – Roadmap

                        Microgroups and legal

            Part 4 – Success

                        Two Possible Paths

                                    A – Tech Group

                                    B – Tech x1, Business x1


            Each person will work on one large group and one microgroup.  Due dates for microgroup topics (approx. 16 total topics) established, but can be changed if particularly interesting problems found.

                        Microgroup Topic Due Dates: June 25, July 7, July 16, July 26

                        Large groups: First Draft: July 9


Discussion about paths:

            Cons about B: fewer microgroups, too much work for one person?

            Pros for A: More minds and input, more people to

            Cons for A: Too many people, hard to converge ideas


            Do a combination of both?  Make Parts 2 and 4 a combination of Business and Tech?  Break up permanently the business and technical groups and form two new groups for parts Possibility and Success.

                        IDEA APPROVED



            ID problem à look at case studies, current solutions, Academy ideas à Evaluate Pros/Cons T/B/L à separate into NASA and non-NASA


Group Assignment:


Large Group:



                        Michelle P

                        Leader: Tony M


                        Michelle S




                        Andrew M




Andrew S

Leader: Maxime


Prizes: Brandon, Maxime, Michelle P, Andrew S.


            A: Kenji, Andrea, Juan = Infrastructure

            B: John Tony M. = Engaging non-Aero businesses

            C: Drew Florent = Dual use tech

            D: Michelle S. Lisha = NASA tech transfer


Pick Order: A, D, C, B

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