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List of Space Businesses

Page history last edited by Ken Davidian 11 years, 12 months ago
Web Links
SFF NewSpace Companies
The Space Frontier Foundation keeps this list (it's about half-way down the page) and as of 16 June 2008, the number of newspace companies was up to 90.
SFF - Commercial Space Companies
The Space Frontier Foundation has another list of newspace companies at this link...

List of Companies




Advent (Jim Akkerman)
AirLaunch LLC (Debra Facktor-Lapore)
American Astronautics (Bill Sprague)
Andrews Space (Jason Andrews)
ARCA (Dumitru Popescu)
Armadillo Aerospace (John Carmack)
Bigelow Aerospace (Robert Bigelow)
Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos)
Boeing Satellite Services
Bristol Spaceplanes (David Ashford)
Canadian Arrow (Geoff Sheerin)
Carter Aviation
da Vinci Project (Brian Feeney)
Environmental Aeroscience Corp. (eAc)
FTS (Jim Toole and Ray Nielsen)
Futron Corp.
Garvey Spacecraft Corp. (John Garvey)
HARC (Tim Pickens)
ILAT (Dov Chartarifsky)
IOS (Roderick and Randa Milliron)
Kelly Space and Technology
Kistler Aerospace Corp. (George Mueller)
Lightcraft Technologies (Leik Myrabo)
LunaCorp Team (David Gump)
Masten Space (David Masten)
Micro-Space (Richard Speck)
Microcosm (James Wertz)
Odyssey Spacelines (James T. Nguyen)
Orbital Recovery Corp. (Walt Anderson)
Pable de León and Assoc. (Pablo de León)
Positronics (Gerald Smith)
Rocketplane (Mitchell Burnside Clapp)
Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan)
Solar Skiff (Matthew Bentley)
Space Island Group (Gene Meyers)
Space Launch Corporation (Jacob Lopata)
The Spaceship Company
Space Transport Corp. (Phil Storm and Eric Meier)
SpaceDev (Jim Benson)
SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (John Bradford)
SpaceX (Elon Musk)
SRS Technologies
Starchaser (Steve Bennett)
TGV (Pat Bahn)
tSpace (David Gump) aka Transformational Space Corp.
Vanguard (Steve McGrath)
Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson)
Volanz Aerospace (Sigmund Gorski)
XCOR (Jeff Greason)
X-Rocket, LLC (Ed Wright)
PeerSat (Roscoe Moore III)
Odyssey Spacelines (James Nugyen)
AERA (Bill Sprague)
ILC Dover, LP
PLANETSPACE (Sheerin-Kathuria)
Venturer Aerospace
E' Prime Aerospace Corp (Bob Davis)
Beyond-Earth Enterprises (Joe Latrell)
Send your stuff to space and back.
4Frontiers Corp ()
4Frontiers Corporation is an emerging space commerce company with unique expertise in Mars settlement design and related technologies. The company has access to a broad array of technical and social science specialists that strive for unparalleled realism in modeling the new space frontier. The company’s core technology development focuses on enabling technologies for space exploration, settlement, and insitu resource utilization. Its activities in three business segments (informative entertainment/education, research & development, and consultancy) give it both the capability to develop innovative space systems and technologies, as well as the ability to translate these concepts into a public format which is engaging, entertaining, and informative.
AeroAstro History
AirLaunch LLC (Gary Hudson & Bevin McKinney)



Comments (2)

Matt Everingham said

at 1:05 pm on Jun 26, 2008

Are communications providers and others who use space applications to deliver commercial services appropriate for this list? I don't consider them to be "new space", but they are commercial.

Ken Davidian said

at 2:19 pm on Jun 26, 2008

Hi Matt!

I've struggled with this for a while and that's why I've started trying to use the terminology of "New Space Markets" vs. "Traditional Space Markets". The latter set includes FAR-15 contractors, the telecom industry that has been making money for decades (since the late 60's?), and the second- and third-tier companies that live off gov't programs. Using this definition, the "New Space Markets" includes everybody else!

Having said that, I started a page that lists a bunch of companies (mostly a list of companies that have been awarded NASA IPP Seed Fund program funding) and then tries to explain why they are, or are not, NewSpace companies... even with my new definitions, it's not an easy thing to do!

Thanks for your contributions and comments! I'll be seeing you in early August! 25 teams! Woohoo!

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