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Historical Preservation

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Legal Group Deliverable for Wednesday 6/24/08


Issues Regarding Historical Preservation on the Moon

            Outline of paper section:


1.      Introduction

1.1.   What is Historical Preservation and why it is an issue on moon

Major Points:

Preserving artifacts in current condition.

            Lunar artifacts represent major accomplishments in history of mankind, and as such warrant preservation.  (Give current examples on earth, pyramids etc)

If a protection policy isn’t put into place now, artifacts could easily be destroyed by future landings in the area

1.2.   What is the Purpose behind Historical Preservation

Major Points:

            Inspiring humanity/Good of humanity = archiving major accomplishments in the history of mankind

            To inspire need to be able to actually see things, thus we are preserving things so that they can be visited and seen.  There is no purpose to preserve things if you can’t see them.

2.      What should be preserved

2.1.   Approaches to preservation

Major Points:

            Two ways to preserve: 1) leave and protect 2)bring back to earth.  Need to place all things currently on moon into the two above categories

2.1.1.      Leave and Protect

Major Points:

                        Certain things major first for lunar surface and humanity and should preserve those.

                        List (not necessarily exclusive):

·        First artificial human made thing on moon,

·        first lunar lander,

·        first footprints,

·        first lunar rover,

·        first US flag

            Note: Application to commercial = things to see for space tourism

2.1.2.      Bring Back to Earth

Major Points:

            Seconds (or others) can be brought back

                                                Rationale: Scientific Interests (example: Apollo mission that brought back stuff from Surveyor); could inspire business to go there and bring stuff back, inspire private industry

3.      Steps toward Preservation

3.1.   Plan of action

Major Points:

            First step: Preserve area.  Don’t let people/vehicles near.  Look from a distance.  Also help prevent looters (example: Looters after Titanic found)

            Next step: (long term actions) create some way to protect the artifacts/footprints so they can be viewed (glass dome, catwalk etc)

3.2.   Political Issues Involved

Major Points:

            Is this an international enterprise or does the US just need to concern itself with the issue?

                                                Strive for international cooperation but should focus on our own for sure.  In mean time let individual countries take care of their stuff

                                                Best for international policy but it would be better to have domestic policy than have nothing

                                                Have a courtesy rule not to mess up other guy’s stuff

4.      Future Work

Major Points:

            Important to start this stuff now.  Issues involved are complicated.  At least need to agree until figure out everything need to stay away from certain things = need to stress international cooperation in order to make sure that things are preserved until they can be protected and preserved




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Ken Davidian said

at 11:04 am on Jul 11, 2008

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's a link to the GLXP Forum discussion on Apollo Site Preservation:



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